Once your child is ready, try out the Spanish Cross-Curricular Subjects and Other Fun Stuff. Your child might be ready very early on. Watching other kids speak a different language and have fun can help motivate children to want to learn a foreign language. There’s no need to watch any longer than a child is interested.


Bilingual Study Units

Bilingual Mami

Bilingual Mami has some bilingual Spanish and English lessons. You might start with this lesson on George Washington for President’s Day.


National Geographic

National Geographic is published in many different languages. From the USA website you can select the country you would like. At the time of this writing it’s a dropdown menu in the top right corner of the website.

Elle Magazine

A very popular lifestyle magazine that has been around for many years. You can find Elle magazine in many languages. I will list some of them here. If you don’t see the language listed here, try an internet search for it.
Elle Magazine in Spanish.


This is a YouTube channel with videos covering a wide variety of subjects. It is intended to educate Spanish-speakers who live in America. There are so many videos, but you can view playlists to sort them into subjects such as history, math, medicine, art, biology, philosophy, and Spanish language for Spanish speakers. Parents should be aware that there are videos on bulimia and anorexia.

Travel Materials for Native Speakers



Mexico D.F. www.sectur.gob.mx

Puerto Ricohttp://welcome.topuertorico.org/

Buenos Aireswww.bue.gov.ar/home

GUGGENHEIM BILBAO App. Available for Apple devices. You can take a virtual visit to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. There are photos of the exhibits, an interactive floorplan, and a history of the museum.

Travel materials that a native speaker would use.

Spanish Search Engine/etc

Wikipedia in Spanish


Spanish Daily TV


You can use this website to find links to many news stations from many countries, in many languages.


It Still Works.

“Free-to-Air” TV. You buy and install the satellite and receiver setup. After that, you can tune in to many foreign language channels broadcast from other countries. There is no monthly fee.
Here is an explanation: It Still Works.
The FTA List website has many tv channels, radio channels and podcasts produced by native speakers, for native speakers. You can search by language.
Galaxy 19
Galaxy 3c are two major channels. You can watch some of the channels via the internet.


CNN Mexico

CNN Mexico news.



A US Spanish-language TV channel. It has tv series, documentaries, pop culture, kids’ shows, movies, comedy, and sports.



A Mexican Spanish-language TV channel. It has tv series, documentaries, pop culture, kids’ shows, movies, comedy, sports, and cooking.



A TV channel from Spain.


Antena 3

A TV channel from Spain. A lot of it is in Flash, which means many devices might not be able to browse the website very well.


Laura M Buitrago.

YouTube channel for pop music.


Realty Changers.

A YouTube channel about the Narvaez family in Mexico. They are musical so there is a lot of music, too.



YouTube Channel with craft tutorials.


Asi o Mas Facil.

YouTube Channel with really easy craft tutorials.


Cookies in the Sky.

Website and YouTube Channel with adorable craft tutorials and some free stuff, very girly.



This is a website selling international food, which is interesting to look at (it has items like a $65 jar of cherries).


Mis Pastelitos

YouTube cooking show for fancy looking desserts. It is also in English under the “My Little Cakes” channel so you can preview in English and then watch in Spanish.


Chef de mi Casa

YouTube cooking show with lots of different food. This has a lot of videos with English, too, so might be a good intro for an intermediate student trying to get started with understanding more Spanish.


Cocina Para Todos

YouTube cooking show for a variety of food.


Karlos Arguiñano official website

The website of a well known Spanish chef.


La Espanola Meats

A website selling food related to Spanish-speaking countries.


Goya Foods

This website has many recipes. It says you can “Discover the Culinary Wonders of Corn.”



Most videos on this YouTube Channel are about dogs and cats.



These YouTube videos show pets doing tricks.


Baroque art

This website has planned activities where students use websites from other countries to explore Baroque art. There are four levels. Level A is designed for younger students. French, Italian, and Spanish.


Arte Divierte.

A YouTube channel for learning to draw and do other art. The speaker usually speaks clearly, and the pace is slow for a Spanish speaker. He describes what he’s doing, so you get a lot of vocabulary. The speaker has a lot of artistic talent.


Virtual Web Museum of Diego Rivera




It’s Khan Academy. In Spanish!


Experimentar en Casa.

This channel doesn’t explain formal science experiments. It’s a channel for watching things get smashed, burned, frozen, or put into a plastic shredder.


Llega Experimentos

This channel explains traditional style science experiments, including ones you can do at home.


Mia Nauca.

This YouTube channel reviews books, and sometimes has other topics.



A website with Spanish language books and authors.


El Corte Ingles

A website with many Spanish language books.


Caja de Peliculas.

A  YouTube Channel with film reviews in Spanish. As with all YouTube Channels, preview before letting your child watch.


AtoZMapsOnline has historical maps, written in other languages. I’m able to access the website for free by logging in with my library card information. Check your own local library to see if they have a library membership.

Documentales Completos en Espanol.

Documentaries in Spanish.


Telemundo Deportes

Sports coverage in Spanish.


ESPN in Spanish

YouTube Celebs and Entertainment

El Smosh.

The Spanish version of Smosh, a popular YouTube channel. Has swear words and adult content.



A YouTube channel on gaming. There is cursing and some content that you will want to make sure your child is ready for. Similar to a Spanish version of Robazz, if you’re familiar with that YouTube Channel.


Hey It’s Priscila.

A YouTube channel that talks about a lot of girly topics like music, exercise, beauty, etc.



A YouTube channel that talks about a lot of girly topics.


Jorge and Alexa Narvaez.

A YouTube channel about the Narvaez family in Mexico. They are musical so there is a lot of music, too.