This list includes ideas for supplements for games in German so you can provide your student with many of the same language exposure and practice that bilingual speakers are exposed to in both languages – playing games is an important part of learning a language. Including these supplements can give your child a much more authentic and meaningful language experience. Add supplements from the other categories to provide a well-rounded foreign language education. Finally, once your child is ready, try out the German Cross-Curricular Subjects and Other Fun Stuff



Fun With Languages

The Fun With Languages website has many simple games for French, German, Russian, and Spanish.


FlashAcademy has an app, and can be combined with FlashSticks®  for some languages.


Play hangman using a vocabulary words (you can buy a hangman set or just use pen and paper)


Duolingo is free, but you can purchase a subscription. Duolingo teaches vocabulary, similar to flashcards or self-quizzing, but adds more games than some other options, and includes more grammar. The vocabulary seems to be presented in a different order than other apps. It teaches beginning skills but does not have conversation practice. Available on computer and app.

German Murder Mystery.

Free!; and another:

There are many German games and puzzles at They are free or usually low cost to print out. You can sort by age level.

Learn German Play Cards

Language Playing Cards German Language Learning Game Set | Fun Visual Flashcard Deck To Increase Vocabulary Skills – Learn German Numbers and 52 Useful Phrases.

Language Tree German.

Multiple options available. DVD includes interactive game section. – The spielotti section has many free children’s games, especially games that incorporate movement. If you can’t read German, Google Chrome will usually translate for you enough so that you can figure out how to play the game. These games aren’t meant to teach German as a foreign language, but you can use vocabulary to play many of them in German, or with as little German as your children can remember. For example, if you were playing a game where children pretend to be an animal, you could talk about the name of the animal, colors, parts of the body, emotions, foods, etc., in German.