This list includes ideas for supplements for games in French so you can provide your student with many of the same language exposure and practice that bilingual speakers are exposed to in both languages – playing games is an important part of learning a language. Including these supplements can give your child a much more authentic and meaningful language experience. Add Songs or rhymesAudio or video from native speakers, Conversation, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Games, Crafts, Self-review, Fun/ Student Choice, Grammar, and AP study supplements. Finally, once your child is ready, try out the French Cross-Curricular Subjects and Other Fun Stuff



Lingotopia is a new favorite game of my oldest child. The first day he played, he collected over 100 words (some new and some he already knew). Their official website description says that “Lingotopia is a language learning game about being lost in a city where you don’t speak the language.” I think the concept probably resonates with a lot of kids because my own kids have made up stories on their own about being lost in a city and having to learn the language to survive. At the time of this writing, it’s available in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, and seems to indicate that more languages are coming, including Greek.

Here is a little teaser trailer for the Lingotopia game:

This website has a lot of resources and options for parents who want fun ideas, and includes free printables in both English and French. You might have to click around a little to find the versions in both French and English.

Here is an example of a math place value game which you could play in English and then play in French:

The English Version of the Math Place Value Game

The French Version of the Math Place Value Game

Play Battleship using French Adverbs Free, or paid version has three different levels of difficulty.

“I have…who has?” game

This example is for numbers. Free at

Go Fish

Go Fish game with clothing in French, available at Costs $2 to print out at the time of this writing.

Language Tree French

Multiple options available. DVD includes interactive game section.


Duolingo is free, but you can purchase a subscription. Duolingo teaches vocabulary, similar to flashcards or self-quizzing, but adds more games than some other options, and includes more grammar. The vocabulary seems to be presented in a different order than other apps. It teaches beginning skills but does not have conversation practice. Available on computer and app.

Fun With Languages

The Fun With Languages website has many simple games for French, German, Russian, and Spanish.


FlashAcademy has an app, and can be combined with FlashSticks®  for some languages.


Play hangman using a vocabulary words (you can buy a hangman set or just use pen and paper)

Award-Winning FRENCH Animals Flashcard Game – The ONLY One with Audio!

I love the idea of audio coming with a game for those of us who do not speak the language we are teaching our children.

Spot It! Basic French

Matches can be picture-word, picture-picture, and word-word. Seems to be getting harder to find in French.


KLOO’s Learn to Speak French Language Card Games Pack 1 (Decks 1 & 2)

KLOO’s Learn to Speak French Language Card Games Pack 1

eeBoo French Bingo Game for Kids

Bingo games are a great way to get young children to pay attention better when learning a new language. The game description says, “Reinforce French vocabulary with a game that utilizes auditory and visual learning styles. Players see the image, the name of the item in French, and hear it pronounced by the caller. Pronunciation Guide included. 2 to 6 players.”

KLOO’s Learn to Speak French Language Board Game – Race to Paris

I haven’t had a chance to try out this game yet, but I’d love to.


Buy games and/or print out free games and stuff. Grades 1-6.