Welcome to the list of supplements to help you teach your child French through French Songs and Rhymes.

This list includes supplements so you can provide your student with many of the same language exposure and practice that bilingual speakers are exposed to in both languages – French Songs or Rhymes are an important part of language study. Including these supplements can give your child a much more authentic and meaningful language experience. Add Songs or rhymesAudio or video from native speakers, Conversation, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Games, Crafts, Self-review, Fun/ Student Choice, Grammar, and AP study supplements. Finally, once your child is ready, try out the French Cross-Curricular Subjects and Other Fun Stuff


Mama Lisa

MamaLisa has songs in many, many languages, with lyrics and translations.


Find free songs on YouTube

Find free songs Amazon Prime or Unlimited, if you already have a membership.

Find songs to buy on Amazon or other music stores.


This is a music website, and you may be able to get limited free website access through your local library. The music categories did not make it easy for me to find non-English songs, but they are present. The genres are alphabetized, and it’s not intuitive to find French music with the Q’s under the genre “Quebecois/Francophone,” and under V’s as “VARIÉTÉ FRANÇAISE,” but that’s where you’ll find it at the time of this writing.

Whistlefritz The French Collection (Set of 4 DVDs, 2 CDs)

TWhistlefritz has very fun songs in Spanish or French. They’re really good. This is part of a curriculum for children but you can use just the songs if you’d like. Some are free to listen to with an Amazon Prime membership.B

Bonjour Les Amis

This DVD was at our library and is also free on Amazon Prime at the time of this writing. My kids really liked this. There are a few songs in the episodes, mostly traditional. This could have fit under the audio/video category but the value my children got out of it was mostly the songs.


Alain Le Lait’s songs

Alain Le Lait’s songs teach beginning French really well. The songs are really good and my kids absolutely love them. They are one of the best French-teaching-related purchases that I’ve made. My kids watch videos featuring the songs on YouTube such as this one, and I bought the CD’s on Amazon (actually just downloads. We have an Amazon Echo device that plays the songs whenever my children request them, however the device seems to never understand the French titles. To solve that problem, I created different playlists on my account. The children request the playlist they want, and since I named the playlist in English, the Echo understands what they want. The albums are on Amazon:

Soyons Amis


C’est Si Bon


We Are French United

We Are French United is a children’s band.