This list includes ideas for supplements for grammar in Spanish so you can provide your student with many of the same language exposure and practice that bilingual speakers are exposed to in both languages – learning grammar is an important part of learning a language.If you are using a Spanish curriculum that does not teach grammar explicitly, you might wish to supplement grammar to try to make faster progress.

Including these supplements can give your child a much more authentic and meaningful language experience. Add Songs or rhymesAudio or video from native speakers, ConversationVocabulary, ReadingWritingGames, CraftsSelf-reviewFun/ Student Choice, and Grammar.

Finally, once your child is ready, try out the Chinese Cross-Curricular Subjects and Other Fun Stuff.


Speak the grammar aloud

Speak the grammar aloud as you act it out. A partner helps a lot, but when you don’t have one, use your imagination.

Peace Corp Mandarin

Peace Corp Mandarin in China audio lessons and PDF manual. Free. The recording quality isn’t great, and it’s dry, but it’s a succinct explanation of the language. The saving grace is that the sections are short. The basic grammar lesson is well worth listening to if you. Great for an overview of the language for an older student.

Chinese Grammar Wiki

Good for looking up grammatical questions or browsing around.

Mandarin Monkey YouTube Channel

Mandarin Monkey YouTube Channel. Has many short video lessons about Chinese grammar.


Busuu is a website or app. There are grammar units, McGraw-Hill level completion certificates, a vocabulary trainer, and conversations with native speakers available. Free to register and do some lessons. Available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, and Arabic.


Duolingo is free, but you can purchase a subscription. Duolingo is a weaker choice for adding grammar, but could be appropriate depending on your child and the main curriculum you’re using.