Welcome to the list of supplements to help you teach your child Chinese through Chinese Songs and Rhymes.

This list includes supplements so you can provide your student with many of the same language exposure and practice that bilingual speakers are exposed to in both languages – Chinese Songs or Rhymes are an important part of language study. Including these supplements can give your child a much more authentic and meaningful language experience. Add Songs or rhymesAudio or video from native speakers, ConversationVocabulary, ReadingWritingGames, CraftsSelf-reviewFun/ Student Choice, and Grammar.

Finally, once your child is ready, try out the Chinese Cross-Curricular Subjects and Other Fun Stuff.


Mama Lisa

MamaLisa has songs in many, many languages, with lyrics and translations.

Little Dragon Tales: Chinese Children’s Songs

Free on Amazon Prime. These songs have a modern beat. My kids have heard these songs at their Chinese school. I have it added to our Amazon Echo device in a playlist I named “Chinese Songs” so that my children can play it whenever they’d like.


Chinese4Kids has a lot of printables and fun stuff for children learning Chinese. Probably best for elementary school.

Play & Learn CHINESE with Mei Mei Vol. 1

This is an older series that shows its age, and has low production values, but the songs get stuck in your head, and my younger kids like it. It’s not complete immersion, things are explained in English so that the Chinese is in context, but it is not translation, either. The teacher is genuine, the kids are genuine; it’s like being in a preschool/Kindergarten Chinese class. The retail price is very high for what it is (low production value) and what it teaches (doesn’t cover much vocabulary), but I checked out the DVD from our library, and DVDs are available cheaper secondhand. The vocabulary is very simple, a nice little intro to the sounds of Chinese. You can see previews on YouTube.

Miss Panda

A popular YouTube channel for young children learning Chinese. I feel like most of it is from the perspective of parents who speak the language they want their child to learn, however some videos can work for those of us who don’t.

Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes: Share and Sing in Two Languages [Audio CD Included]

This is a book that includes an audio CD. My children all enjoy listening to the CD and singing along. It was enjoyable but my kids didn’t pick up on the meaning of the songs even though they could sing every word. However, I have found it to be very difficult to find books with pictures and an English translation for the Chinese language, so this filled a gap for us in that area.

Chinese Buddy YouTube Channel

Chinese Buddy is a YouTube Channel with lots of Chinese songs.

HighEnergyHomeschool’s YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel has songs collected from around YouTube. Even if you do not upload videos to YouTube, you can make playlists of videos uploaded by others. The videos remain on the other uploader’s channel.



This is a music website, and you may be able to get limited free website access through your local library. The music categories did not make it easy for me to find non-English songs, but they are present. The genres are alphabetized, and it’s not intuitive to find French music with the Q’s under the genre “Quebecois/Francophone,” and under V’s as “VARIÉTÉ FRANÇAISE,” but that’s where you’ll find it at the time of this writing.


Find free songs on YouTube

Find free songs Amazon Prime or Unlimited, if you already have a membership.

Find songs to buy on Amazon or other music stores.