Once your child is ready, try out the Chinese Cross-Curricular Subjects and Other Fun Stuff. Your child might be ready very early on. Watching other kids speak a different language and have fun can help motivate children to want to learn a foreign language. There’s no need to watch any longer than a child is interested.



National Geographic

National Geographic is published in many different languages. From the USA website you can select the country you would like. At the time of this writing it’s a dropdown menu in the top right corner of the website.

Elle Magazine

A very popular lifestyle magazine that has been around for many years. You can find Elle magazine in many languages. I will list some of them here. If you don’t see the language listed here, try an internet search for it.
Elle Magazine in Chinese.

Ding Yulong

Youtube channel with videos about many topics.

Travel Materials for Native Speakers

Travel materials that a native speaker would use.

Beijing. www.ebeijing.gov.cn

Hong Kong. www.hk.gov/en/nonresidents

Shanghai. www.shanghai.gov/cn

Taipei. English.taipei.gov.tw


Chinese Search Engine/etc


Chinese Daily TV


You can use this website to find links to many news stations from many countries, in many languages.

It Still Works.

“Free-to-Air” TV. You buy and install the satellite and receiver setup. After that, you can tune in to many foreign language channels broadcast from other countries. There is no monthly fee.
Here is an explanation: It Still Works.
The FTA List website has many tv channels, radio channels and podcasts produced by native speakers, for native speakers. You can search by language.
Galaxy 19
Galaxy 3c are two major channels. You can watch some of the channels via the internet.

BCC news site (Traditional) http://www.bcc.com.tw/

China Hunan TV. https://www.youtube.com/user/imgotv

China JiangsuTV Official Channel. Covers a variety of shows. https://www.youtube.com/user/JSTVFeichengwurao/featured

zoubianzgtv Across China YouTube Channel. Documentary style news clips from China. https://www.youtube.com/user/zoubianzgtv/featured

TenCentVideo. This YouTube channel features popular TV programming. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQatgKoA7lylp_UzvsLCgcw/featured





Chleo Music.

This channel has a variety of music in Chinese, and sometimes there are subtitles.



Gala J.

A YouTube channel with many sewing videos in Chinese.





This is a website selling international food, which is interesting to look at (it has items like a $65 jar of cherries).


Mama Cheung

Mama Cheung is a cooking show in Chinese, with English subtitles. Mama Cheung cooks a lot of traditional Chinese food, including mooncakes. She also uses her rice cooker to cook a lot of recipes other than rice.

Amanda Tastes

Amanda tastes is a cooking show in Chinese, with English subtitles.


I don’t have any links for animal related hobbies in Chinese. If you know of some, share them on the Facebook page.



I don’t have any links for art related hobbies in Chinese. If you know of some, share them on the Facebook page.





It’s Khan Academy. In Mandarin! 





RD English

This YouTube channel talks about a lot of English books, but they speak in Chinese. It’s meant for helping Chinese speak English. It’s a good channel for a student who is just starting to try videos meant for native speakers of the second language. It explain a lot of English idioms that are confusing for native Chinese speakers.

Amazon China. https://www.amazon.cn/



“Drama independence.” A YouTube channel for a Chinese drama called “Game of Hunting.” https://www.youtube.com/user/ctnTVdrama/featured. There is another for a show called “Croton Mega Hit” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPIRD4yr1hlAEovBCSNlAKg/featured. The second show is more lighthearted than the first one.



AtoZMapsOnline has historical maps, written in other languages. I’m able to access the website for free by logging in with my library card information. Check your own local library to see if they have a library membership.

Zhejian TV Official Channel

This has a variety of shows, but also has history videos.

Ancient Purple

This has a variety of shows, but also has history videos.



I don’t have any links for Sports or Fitness in Chinese. If you know of some, share them on the Facebook page.


YouTube Celebs and Entertainment

Lost in translation

This channel is in both English and Chinese, and has subtitles in English and Simplified Chinese. There are many “Chinese People React To….” videos.

Ling BigYong

There are many funny skits. It’s subtitled in Simplified Chinese and has almost a million subscribers.