American Girl Doll Music Videos and Hobbies in Homeschool

Somehow I ended up getting roped into helping my kids make some American Girl Doll music videos. One of my daughters, who is 7, has Lea Clark as her bestie American Girl Doll. The other one, who is 5, has a Truly Me Doll, who she named “Laura of the Rings.” Laura of the Rings

The Educational Grass is Always Greener

9 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Homeschooling OR ABOUT HAVING CHILDREN IN PUBLIC SCHOOL Recently in my “homeschool mom” circles, an article has been going around talking about the downsides to homeschool. 9 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Homeschooling I agree with the article about the downsides to homeschool, and I

Homeschool Groups: In Praise of The Diane.

In five years of homeschooling, I’ve seen a lot of homeschool groups. Co-ops, playgroups, field trip groups, interest-based groups (science, nature, art, history, music, particular sports, etc.), moms’ support groups, and online groups. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about homeschool groups, it’s that homeschool groups are either growing, or dying. If it looks like

Prescription Goggles

I wish I had bought my daughter prescription goggles years ago. She’s far-sighted and has worn glasses since she was two years old. Know what else she’s done since she was two years old? She’s taken swimming lessons since she was two years old. But I kept asking myself… Why can’t my daughter swim after

A Tour of Our Homeschool Room – Shared Office

This is a tour of our homeschool room this year. It’s also my office because I work at home most of the time. I have a separate, very small office upstairs where I can close the door for work, too, and an actual away-from-home space for meeting clients, but this video shows the office/homeschool shared