Homeschool Sick Days

I track our attendance and my children always end up with far more than our required 180 days of instruction, so I’m not worried about someone needing an occasional sick day. If the child was sick, she wouldn’t go to public school, either. Homeschool sick days don’t need to be any different. I mark sick

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 3

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 3 Previously I told the story of my oldest child’s public-school kindergarten, and my middle child’s homeschool kindergarten. Now I’ll tell the story of my youngest child’s homeschool kindergarten. You’d think it would be a similar story to my middle child’s, but it’s not. My two little daughters

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 2

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 2 Previously I wrote about my oldest child’s public-school kindergarten experiences, and how he truly suffered in academic kindergarten – not because he was behind academically as many would expect in this situation, but because he was ahead. But what would I do for my middle child’s kindergarten?

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 1

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 1 Each of my three children had radically different kindergarten experiences. Why? And what difference has it made in their lives? My oldest went to public school. He taught himself to read around the time he turned four. The summer after he turned five, I heard him talking

Why I’m Not Coming to Your MLM Party

I’m not coming to your MLM party. I’m not coming to the party for LuLaRoe, Arbonne, Avon, Advocare, Beachbody, doTerra, Young Living, The Pampered Chef, Rodan + Fields, Scentsy, Shaklee, Juice Plus,  Tastefully Simple, or anything else. Don’t take it personally, it’s nothing particular about you or your MLM. I have been through things. Hilarious

Streamline Your Homeschool and Combine Children Across Grade Levels

You can streamline your homeschool and combine children across grade levels. When you only have a few children in your school, there isn’t any need to keep them divided into strict “grade level” curricula. Some parents aren’t sure how to begin combining their children into one curriculum, but once you get the hang of it,

Why Not Choose Virtual Public School?

Homeschool Curriculum For Working Moms – Why Not Choose Virtual Online Public School? Online public school (often called online homeschool by many) is the first thing that comes to mind when many parents feel fed up and start looking for alternatives to public schools. I was no different. When I began homeschooling, it was a

Homeschooling With Model Trains

I’d love to know how many other people are looking at homeschooling with model trains. A few years ago it seemed like model trains were only for old-timers, but these days more and more tweens and teens are reviving this hobby. It’s not a cheap hobby if you’re starting from scratch. Some people see limited value

Best Amazon Book Set Deals! – What I actually bought for my children

Shhhh….don’t tell my kids, but I bought them some awesome book set deals on Amazon. I often see deals on ebook versions, but my kids really prefer to hold an actual, paper book. My ten-year-old is bummed out because he finished all the Harry Potter series. He went to Barnes and Noble and asked the

Homeschool Families are Eligible to Use Scholastic Books and Magazines

Scholastic isn’t a secret. But it seems like so many homeschool parents don’t realize that they can take advantage of Scholastic offers even though our children don’t attend a formal school. You can! If you went to public school, you’re probably familiar with Scholastic classroom magazines. If not, you’re almost surely familiar with Scholastic, because