Old-School Traditional Math Facts Memorization Method

Are you wondering how to help your child get better at math? I’m going to show you a way to memorize math facts that I saw work with almost every child. It’s old-school. It’s low tech. I think it’s been around since teachers rode to work on their dinosaurs. When I was in school, I

Nature’s Workshop Apologia Lab Kit Review and Unboxing

I’ve started using Apologia for our homeschool science program again and the science experiments are something I want to keep up with all year long. I start out with good science experiment intentions each year. I always plan to do all of the science experiments, buy all the materials, and be ready each week with

Zirrly Super Beads Review

  Zirrly Super Beads Mega Pack Review   My kids had a blast with Zirrly Super Beads . I’m so glad we get to review it! With the winter weather keeping us indoors, fun crafts were a major blessing. We got the Mega Pack of Super Beads from Zirrly and it was more than enough for my three

Pre-order The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language

Get the handbook to homeschool foreign language. Did you know? Less than 1 percent of American adults today are proficient in the foreign language they studied in a US classroom. You can do a lot better when you homeschool foreign language, using any curriculum or none at all…even if you don’t speak a foreign language.

Streamline Your Homeschool and Combine Children Across Grade Levels

You can streamline your homeschool and combine children across grade levels. When you only have a few children in your school, there isn’t any need to keep them divided into strict “grade level” curricula. Some parents aren’t sure how to begin combining their children into one curriculum, but once you get the hang of it,

A Simple Plan to Enjoy Teaching Your Child to Read

Teaching your child to read, explained in just a few easy steps. You can Enjoy Teaching Your Child to Read “Homeschoolers are admirably dedicated people, and that very dedication often leads them to choose the hard-work, ineffective approaches rather than the natural, effective approaches. They feel the natural ways are too gentle. They feel they’re

Taking the Fear Out of Learning to Read

  Taking the Fear Out of Learning to Read If you came here looking for that one perfect curriculum, I’m sorry. Straight up, the point of all of this is that it doesn’t really matter which curriculum you use. Or don’t use. Just don’t be afraid to teach your child to read. I know that

Encouraging Kids to Write

Encouraging Kids to Write Results in Better Writing No matter whether you’ve got a budding young author or a kid who hates to write, everyone needs help encouraging kids to write well. I’m of the opinion that you do best what you love best – meaning that if you enjoy something, you’ll eventually do it