Lingo Bus Review – In Depth and Long Term

Long-Term Lingo Bus Review – After 20 Lessons My kids have been learning Chinese for six years now, and I have researched and experienced so much through this process. When I first heard about Lingo Bus, I was skeptical about online Chinese lessons. I have wasted a lot of money on Chinese tutoring in the

Language Montessori Materials

Foreign Language Montessori Materials Do you need help finding language Montessori materials so you can help your child learn a language at home? Homeschool is an awesome setting for learning language because, like Montessori, there is so much opportunity for verbal interaction. I used to teach in public school, in a position where I observed

Le Francais Facile (“The Easy French”) Homeschool Curriculum Review

I’ve been using Le Francais Facile (“The Easy French”) with my children for only a few weeks, but the program isn’t as intuitive as others, so I’d like to show you how I set it up. I’ve got an older version of Le Francais Facile. I don’t find it difficult to use, and in fact

Teaching Japanese Resource Page

Welcome to the Teaching Japanese Resource Page You don’t need to speak a foreign language to teach it to your children. In “The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language,” you can find extensive guidance on how to use these resources. This list is arranged in a way to help you form complete lessons for your children,

Reasons to Skip Learning a Foreign Language

Skip foreign language? American education is on a path of reducing foreign language requirements, even at the college level.  Should we go along with the herd on this one, and toss out learning a new language? I mean, why bother to study something that’s so hard? You can’t fake your way through a foreign language. You either

Pre-order The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language

Get the handbook to homeschool foreign language. Did you know? Less than 1 percent of American adults today are proficient in the foreign language they studied in a US classroom. You can do a lot better when you homeschool foreign language, using any curriculum or none at all…even if you don’t speak a foreign language.

Cheap Ideas for Foreign Language Games

You’ll sometimes find foreign language games included in a foreign language curriculum. Play Foreign Language Games the Effective Way But…part of really learning to speak a foreign language is doing things that people who speak a foreign language do. Know what they don’t do? They don’t play games designed to teach them very basic, daily

How Fast Can Your Child Learn a Foreign Language?

How fast can your child learn a foreign language? That depends! How much time are you spending using the foreign language each day? To a certain extent, the more time yo spend using the foreign language, the faster your child will learn. Studies on children acquiring English as a Second Language show that under good

Homeschool Families are Eligible to Use Scholastic Books and Magazines

Scholastic isn’t a secret. But it seems like so many homeschool parents don’t realize that they can take advantage of Scholastic offers even though our children don’t attend a formal school. You can! If you went to public school, you’re probably familiar with Scholastic classroom magazines. If not, you’re almost surely familiar with Scholastic, because

Christmas Gift Guide For Language Learners

A gift guide for language learners can help you find the gift you need for the people in your life who are learning to speak another language. It’s that time of year again…the time when we scramble to get kids something useful, yet fun. Useful and Fun Gifts for Language Learners One of the things