Yes, You Can Homeschool Without a Teaching Credential!

One of the persistent myths about education is that you need a teaching credential or other qualifications to be a good teacher. However, there are numerous studies that show that a teaching credential doesn’t make for a better teacher! Parents teach their children everything for the first five years of their lives, even to the

Adventures in Homeschool Episode 2: Return to Public School

The second episode of the animation “Adventures in Homeschool” features Mom and Matthew. Matthew wants to return to public school, and Mom tries to grant his wish. I think every homeschooled child has wondered about what public school is like. My oldest son wanted to go back to school once because he thought he had

Homeschool GIF Page

Who doesn’t love a page full of homeschool GIFs? How many times have you told someone about homeschooling and had them respond, “But what about socialization?” Do you need to go to the doctor afterwards to get your eyes checked? You know, from the effort to keep from rolling your eyes in public now that

Adventures in Homeschool, Episode 1: What Happens When You Mix Math and Teepees? (Animation)

The debut of the Animation “Adventures in Homeschool” features Mom, Matthew, and Katie as they find out what happens when you mix a busy mom with math assignments and a teepee. As a busy mom I depend on my children to get their work done without me holding their hands all day. Have you ever

Homeschool Facts Animation

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes about homeschool. Do you need a college degree to homeschool? Are homeschoolers weird? How many people homeschool? How do homeschooled students perform vs. public or private school students? What about socialization? What are the facts? Enjoy this animated look at these considerations.

But What About Socialization?

“But what about socialization?” How many times have you heard that question? This video is a lighthearted look at how to answer it.