Pre-order The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language

Get the handbook to homeschool foreign language. Did you know? Less than 1 percent of American adults today are proficient in the foreign language they studied in a US classroom. You can do a lot better when you homeschool foreign language, using any curriculum or none at all…even if you don’t

Navigating the Rapids of Parenting DVD Review

I recently had the opportunity to review Navigating the Rapids of Parenting from Parenting Made Practical. Joey and Carla Link are the parent educators who lead the video. Our oldest child is 10….I thought we had three more years before we had to worry about teenager stuff, but recently I’ve been

Homeschool Sick Days

I track our attendance and my children always end up with far more than our required 180 days of instruction, so I’m not worried about someone needing an occasional sick day. If the child was sick, she wouldn’t go to public school, either. Homeschool sick days don’t need to be any different. I

CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

My 7-year-old was begging to learn cursive, so I was really happy to have the opportunity to try out and review CursiveLogic‘s CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive. There is a discount code offer right now! The code is CREW2018, and you can save 20% on the Quick-Start Pack,

The Pencil Grip, Inc. Magic Stix Washable Markers Review

My kids were suuuuuuper excited when I told them they would get a new set of markers to try out and review. The Pencil Grip, Inc. sent us the 24 pack of their Magic Stix Washable Markers! My kids like to draw a lot and they like to have art tools that work well and last. One of my

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 3

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 3 Previously I told the story of my oldest child’s public-school kindergarten, and my middle child’s homeschool kindergarten. Now I’ll tell the story of my youngest child’s homeschool kindergarten. You’d think it would be a similar story to my middle

Drive Thru History Adventures Review

We are loving our one-year subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures. I’m so excited to share this review with you. American History Curriculum Drive Thru History Adventures has curricula for American History, Ancient History, and Bible History, but for this review we tried to focus on starting

The Starfall Home Membership Review

I’ve used the free part of the Starfall Education Foundation website (people often shorten it to just “Starfall”) many times during my seven years as a public-school teacher and five years homeschooling my own children. I can tell you in this review of The Starfall Home Membership –

Bytes of Learning UltraKey Online Family Subscription Review

I’ve been using my new favorite typing program, UltraKey Online Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning, to teach keyboarding to my 10-year-old. I’m so excited to review the UltraKey Online Family Subscription for you! I’d briefly tried a different keyboarding program a year ago

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 2

A Tale of Three Kindergartens – Part 2 Previously I wrote about my oldest child’s public-school kindergarten experiences, and how he truly suffered in academic kindergarten – not because he was behind academically as many would expect in this situation, but because he was ahead. But what would