Whizz Education Online Math Curriculum Math-Whizz Review

Homeschool Math Curriculum Online   We’re reviewing a 12-month subscription to online math curriculum Math-Whizz , by Whizz Education. It’s not necessarily a homeschool-only product, but you can use it as a homeschool math curriculum online. I had to enable Adobe Flash for this

Language Montessori Materials

Foreign Language Montessori Materials Do you need help finding language Montessori materials so you can help your child learn a language at home? Homeschool is an awesome setting for learning language because, like Montessori, there is so much opportunity for verbal interaction. I used to teach in public

Homeschool Epiphany Definition

Homeschool Mom Epiphany Definition: Or, So I’m Blogging About Cleaning My Toilets Epiphany Definition: (3) an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure Source: Epiphany | Definition of Epiphany by Merriam-Webster Homeschool Mom Epiphany Definition: (1) When you’re doing something

Heirloom Audio St. Bartholomew’s Eve Review

Heirloom Audio St. Bartholomew’s Eve Review   Heirloom Audio released their latest production – an audio of G.A. Henty’s story, St. Bartholomew’s Eve. These productions are available on CD or as a download. We chose the download and I played it through my computer, but

CashCrunch Careers Review

CashCrunch Careers by CashCrunch Games Review How old were you when you really knew what you wanted to be when you grew up? I think I still haven’t decided. My 11-year-old has known since preschool that he wants to do something related to science. He like so many areas of science, though! What

Printable Books of the Bible “Summary Sheets” Review

Book By Book Bible Printables Like a lot of homeschool families, we include Bible studies and reading during our homeschool day. This year, my 11-year-old is making a portfolio of his work as he goes along. I’ve found that doing a portfolio (as children get older) makes it more likely for the

Forensic Faith for Kids Book Review

Apologetics Homeschool Study Forensic Faith For Kids Review David C Cook along with Case Makers Academy sent me Forensic Faith for Kids for my 11-year-old to read and work through. I’ve included apologetics in our homeschool since we first started. My husband and I know why we are Christian