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  • Lee @ Dragon'sEyeView

    I have not heard of the is curriculum before! I’m just starting to think about the coming year and not really even “looking” yet. Do you get a list of books used once you sign up? Do you pay extra if you want to do an interactive notebook? Are you considering this for your younger children? I did look at their website. I loved seeing everything covered on a single page…but no book titles. I did see interactive notebooks cost extra. Thanks!

    • Lisa

      All the book titles are accessible once you’re signed up. I’m not sure if they have some kind of free trial or limited access to see a bit more before you decide. There are a lot of reviews for this curriculum if you follow the link to the other Schoolhouse Review Crew link page. I *think* the interactive notebook came with the subscription, but you can buy them separately for a reasonable price. I’ve bought separate lapbooks before for about the same price elsewhere.

      I’d use it for a younger child if I didn’t already have stuff to pass down, and a house full of books to use. I really like the picture books they selected, especially if a child isn’t liking Classical or Charlotte Mason style literature. Kids like fun books and I use both styles.



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