Yearly Membership Review

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  • Yvonne

    What a great overview of this great product. I was like you so unprepared to homeschool but I had planned on homeschooling even before my daughter was born. I have an education background but homeschool is really so much different then public school. I searched so much for curriculums and I have been so nervous to buy one for fear that it won’t be a fit for my family and all that money will be lost. I am so glad to be a part of the review crew too and to have this opportunity to have access to this products. I can most certainly see it being a pillar in our homeschooling journey.

    • Lisa

      I taught public school for 7 years and still felt unprepared to homeschool. It’s such a different mindset. I like it so much better. Glad to be on the crew with you this year.



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