Homeschooling With Model Trains

I’d love to know how many other people are looking at homeschooling with model trains. A few years ago it seemed like model trains were only for old-timers, but these days more and more tweens and teens are reviving this hobby. It’s not a cheap hobby if you’re starting from scratch. Some

Best Amazon Book Set Deals! – What I actually bought for my children

Shhhh….don’t tell my kids, but I bought them some awesome book set deals on Amazon. I often see deals on ebook versions, but my kids really prefer to hold an actual, paper book. My ten-year-old is bummed out because he finished all the Harry Potter series. He went to Barnes and Noble and

Sonlight Core H/B/L F Review – 2017 Version

I am so excited to get the new Sonlight Core H/B/L F! Sonlight is a bargain for what you get (I’ve priced it out separately and the money I would have saved by piecing it together has never been more than $50-$75). But still, Sonlight is on the pricey side compared to some homeschool options,

Homeschool Families are Eligible to Use Scholastic Books and Magazines

Scholastic isn’t a secret. But it seems like so many homeschool parents don’t realize that they can take advantage of Scholastic offers even though our children don’t attend a formal school. You can! If you went to public school, you’re probably familiar with Scholastic classroom

Christmas Gift Guide For Language Learners

A gift guide for language learners can help you find the gift you need for the people in your life who are learning to speak another language. It’s that time of year again…the time when we scramble to get kids something useful, yet fun. Useful and Fun Gifts for Language Learners One of the