American Girl Doll Music Videos and Hobbies in Homeschool

Somehow I ended up getting roped into helping my kids make some American Girl Doll music videos. One of my daughters, who is 7, has Lea Clark as her bestie American Girl Doll. The other one, who is 5, has a Truly Me Doll, who she named “Laura of the Rings.” Laura of the Rings

The Educational Grass is Always Greener

9 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Homeschooling OR ABOUT HAVING CHILDREN IN PUBLIC SCHOOL Recently in my “homeschool mom” circles, an article has been going around talking about the downsides to homeschool. 9 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Homeschooling I agree with the article

A Simple Plan to Enjoy Teaching Your Child to Read

Teaching your child to read, explained in just a few easy steps. You can Enjoy Teaching Your Child to Read “Homeschoolers are admirably dedicated people, and that very dedication often leads them to choose the hard-work, ineffective approaches rather than the natural, effective approaches. They feel

Taking the Fear Out of Learning to Read

  Taking the Fear Out of Learning to Read If you came here looking for that one perfect curriculum, I’m sorry. Straight up, the point of all of this is that it doesn’t really matter which curriculum you use. Or don’t use. Just don’t be afraid to teach your child to read. I know that

Christmas Foreign Language Fun

Holidays are a great time to incorporate foreign language into your homeschool, even if you don’t usually study a foreign language. Christmas is an especially fun time because there are so many resources available to choose from. And, because you’d normally do things like listen to Christmas

Homeschool Groups: In Praise of The Diane.

In five years of homeschooling, I’ve seen a lot of homeschool groups. Co-ops, playgroups, field trip groups, interest-based groups (science, nature, art, history, music, particular sports, etc.), moms’ support groups, and online groups. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about homeschool groups,

Teaching Children a Foreign Language That You Don’t Speak

But I don’t speak a foreign language, so how can I teach one? Teaching children a foreign language that you don’t speak isn’t impossible. You can do it! I do it! Well, technically, my husband and I speak multiple languages, but we don’t speak the languages that our children really

Prescription Goggles

I wish I had bought my daughter prescription goggles years ago. She’s far-sighted and has worn glasses since she was two years old. Know what else she’s done since she was two years old? She’s taken swimming lessons since she was two years old. But I kept asking myself… Why can’t