Homeschool French – Halloween French Lessons for English Speaking Kids

Make a French Halloween – or use any foreign language you study! Making a big deal out of holidays is one of the things I do to make homeschool French fun for my kids and I. Sure, we could do Halloween in English…but we’ve done it many times before. It’s a great time to use

The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language

 It’s here! The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language is available now at Amazon. I’m so excited to be publishing a book on a subject that is near and dear to my heart. My family speaks Spanish, Arabic, Danish, German, and Russian, and is learning Chinese and French, and I taught ESL for

A Tour of Our Homeschool Room – Shared Office

This is a tour of our homeschool room this year. It’s also my office because I work at home most of the time. I have a separate, very small office upstairs where I can close the door for work, too, and an actual away-from-home space for meeting clients, but this video shows the office/homeschool

Teaching Your Children a Foreign Language You Don’t Speak

How do you teach your children a foreign language you don’t speak? Because my children take Chinese, and my husband and I don’t speak Chinese, I’m often asked this question: “How do you teach your children a foreign language you don’t speak?” I had the same question

Encouraging Kids to Write

Encouraging Kids to Write Results in Better Writing No matter whether you’ve got a budding young author or a kid who hates to write, everyone needs help encouraging kids to write well. I’m of the opinion that you do best what you love best – meaning that if you enjoy something, you’ll