French Cartoons For Mango Language Lessons

Scroll down for activities to use with Mango French homeschool lessons. For now, I’m using Mango Languages with my children for their French homeschool lessons. We get Mango for free through our local library. I’m planning to add to Mango to make it as effective and enjoyable as possible

Yes, You Can Homeschool Without a Teaching Credential!

One of the persistent myths about education is that you need a teaching credential or other qualifications to be a good teacher. However, there are numerous studies that show that a teaching credential doesn’t make for a better teacher! Parents teach their children everything for the first five

homeschool in the news

Homeschool News: “Homeschool organizations see spike in enrollment”

Homeschool in the news! Illinois lawmakers have yet to pass a school funding formula…. If a school funding formula is not in place by August 10, school districts throughout Illinois will not receive this year’s state funding. The lack of funding for schools has led to many parents looking for

Independent Study Notebook 1

Independent Study Notebook Guide

I wrote this explanation for a presentation on encouraging children to self-study, especially in the area of foreign language. It’s intended to help students learn a bit about how to take notes and use their notebook as a study tool. This is a type of notebook that my children use to self-assess