Adventures in Homeschool Episode 2: Return to Public School

The second episode of the animation “Adventures in Homeschool” features Mom and Matthew. Matthew wants to return to public school, and Mom tries to grant his wish. I think every homeschooled child has wondered about what public school is like. My oldest son wanted to go back to school once because

Homeschool GIF Page

Who doesn’t love a page full of homeschool GIFs? How many times have you told someone about homeschooling and had them respond, “But what about socialization?” Do you need to go to the doctor afterwards to get your eyes checked? You know, from the effort to keep from rolling your eyes

foreign language homeschool highenergyhomeschool

Teaching a Foreign Language in Your Homeschool

Foreign languages are something that our family enjoys. Is the thought of enjoying a foreign language shocking? News flash: I did not enjoy high school Spanish class at all. I took four years of high school Spanish. Then I took two Spanish courses in college. After all that time studying Spanish, I

Adventures in Homeschool, Episode 1: What Happens When You Mix Math and Teepees? (Animation)

The debut of the Animation “Adventures in Homeschool” features Mom, Matthew, and Katie as they find out what happens when you mix a busy mom with math assignments and a teepee. As a busy mom I depend on my children to get their work done without me holding their hands all day. Have you ever

Homeschool Facts Animation

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes about homeschool. Do you need a college degree to homeschool? Are homeschoolers weird? How many people homeschool? How do homeschooled students perform vs. public or private school students? What about socialization? What are the facts? Enjoy this animated

Chart comparing many aspects of My Father's World vs. Sonlight

My Father’s World vs. Sonlight Video Review Part 3

  Part 3 of a three part video series comparing homeschool curriculum My Father’s World vs. Sonlight. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here. Part 3 includes a comparison of science, amount of parent reading, ease of use “on the go,” independent reading, literature studies (especially

Graphical comparison of My Father's World vs. Sonlight homeschool curriculum

My Father’s World vs. Sonlight Video Review Part 2

Here is a chart showing a quick rundown. Details follow.   Part 2 of a three part video of My Father’s World vs. Sonlight. This compares the homeschool curriculum My Father’s World (MFW) with another homeschool curriculum called Sonlight. Part 2 includes a comparison of structure, flexibilty/ease

My Father's World vs. Sonlight What Is Included

My Father’s World vs. Sonlight, video review Part 1

Here are two graphics showing My Father’s World vs. Sonlight so you can easily see what is included and what you need to add. If you enjoy them, you can follow me on Pinterest for more of this info.           Part 1 of a three part video about My Father’s World

But What About Socialization?

“But what about socialization?” How many times have you heard that question? This video is a lighthearted look at how to answer it.

Job Requirement: High Tolerance for Nonsense

I have three very active, intelligent children. My youngest was 2 years old when we tried a local homeschool co-op. The co-op is an ideal example of its species. Very well run. It’s been in place for many years and has many dedicated, wonderful families. It was my second year homeschooling. The